Our Picks For The Best Dressed Stars At The Lux Style Awards 2023

The Lux Style Awards 2023, held Friday night, were a mixed bag when it came to fashion — some of the looks were straight out of a wedding function, yet, there were a few that really enchanted us. We’ve compiled a list of some of our favourite standout looks from the night to make sure everyone celebrates the stars who got it right.

Saheefa Jabbar Khattak

The first look that made us do a double take was Saheefa Jabbar Khattak’s. The actor wore a neon yellow Mariyam D Rizwan dress with a high neckline and a fitted waistline.

We love everything about this look, from the bold colour to the great tailoring — Khattak has it all!

Mohsin Tawasuli and Hussain Rehar

When it comes to the red carpet, most Pakistani men rarely bring their A-game. We definitely do not include designers Mohsin Tawasuli and Hussain Rehar in this category.

Rehar wore a stunning embroidered black jacket paired with a matching pair of white trousers and shirt that were embroidered with a smaller pattern.

Tawasuli wore an all-white suit where the jacket looked almost as if it were a mix between lace and crochet, and appliqued pants.

Talk about making a statement!

Ayesha Omar

Turning up the heat, Ayesha Omar showed up to the awards in a midnight blue Rashmi Kumari two-piece. The dress looked contemporary yet featured traditional elements such as the saari-style draping of the skirt. The outfit made the actor look like a 20s Hollywood heroine and we loved it, especially the hairstyle that tied her look together.

Shae Gill

Shae Gill made her LSA debut this year and was on everyone’s best dressed list. The singer wore an all-white dress with a sheer white cape by Zuria Dor. The dress was elegant in its simplicity and the only embellishment was silver embroidery along the high neckline, allowing Gill to shine.

Bonus points: Urwa Hocane and Farhan Saeed

While most of the attendees wore contemporary, western outfits to the awards, Urwa Hocane stood out for her far more traditional black kurta, which was embellished with golden embroidery. The actor’s husband, singer and actor Farhan Saeed wore a matching black suit.

We’ll admit that their clothes weren’t the most special but they did have a very special announcement — their pregnancy. The couple shared the news on Instagram after the event. “It’s the three of us tonight,” Hocane wrote in her post.

Talk about making a statement!

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